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• Folsom Research Presentation Pro 7 x 2 Scaler/Scan Converter - $200.00

• PresentationPRO is a seven input audio and video seamless switcher that is designed for small presentations and/or breakout rooms. This compact, reliable system simplifies the task of supporting professional quality audiovisual presentations. The unit combines a seven input A/V router, a high performance video scaler, an audio processor, and a full-featured control panel in a single integrated package. Seven universal A/V inputs accept composite video, s-video, component, computer, HDTV formats, as well as associated stereo audio signals. The unit also accepts two nonswitched audio sources (LINE and MIC) that can be mixed with the audio from the selected input channel. The input video is converted directly to the native resolution or "sweet spot" of the projection device to optimize image quality. PresentationPRO supports seamless transitions including cut, fade, dissolve, and wipe effects when sources are switched. The operator can also store a high-resolution image (typically a LOGO) for quick recall. PresentationPRO's user interface simplifies system set-up and adjustment. An RS-232 serial interface is provided to support remote control

• Extron 1 x 4 VGA Distribution Amp. - $ 25.00

• Kramer 1 x 2 VGA Distribution Amp. - $ 25.00

• Comprehensive 1 x 5 Video Distribution Amp. - $ 25.00

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