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Yamaha PM3000 40x8x2 (Concert Series) - $400.00

• 40 mono input channels with VCA control, 4 band sweepable/parametric EQ 8 Group Masters 8 VCA Masters 11 x 8 Mix Matrix 8 x Mute Groups 8 x Aux Send (selectable as pre-fade, off or post-fade) 4 x Stereo Aux Return with 2 band sweepable EQ

Soundcraft LX7-24 24x4x2 - $150.00

• The LX7-24 has Soundcraft's ultra mic. pre's. with 4 point EQ, 2 sweep mids., and 100HZ high pass filter. 6 aux sends are switchable pre or post in groups of 2. The output section has four groups and assignable left-right, and mono outputs. There are two additional stereo returns with EQ and aux assignments. There is also global 48 volt phantom power.

Soundcraft FX16 16x2x2 (Digital EFX) - $100.00

• 16 mono channels with high quality UltraMicâ„¢ pre-amps 4 stereo returns 4-bus architecture, with sub-group routable to mix Built-in Lexicon dual effects processor Direct outputs for multitrack recording individually switchable for pre-post-fade operation Inserts on all mono channels Inserts on stereo mix bus 3-band 'British' EQ with swept mid-band Stereo 18dB/octave 100Hz high-pass filter to cut stage rumble +48V phantom power Two sub-group outputs Separate mono sum output

Soundcraft M8 8x2 - $ 75.00

• Rugged chassis design, with integral rackmount capability 4 dedicated level-controlled FX returns with master level control 4 auxiliary sends – 2 pre-fade, 2 post-fade Pre- /post-fade switchable direct output on every mono input channel Signal detect and peak LEDs on all input channels S/PDIF digital output Global 48V phantom power 100mm faders throughout 8 mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 4 stereo returns

Crest XR24 24x6x4 - $150.00

• A professional quality 'no frills' console with maximum routing facilities. 12 mono and 4 stereo channles, all with mic and line inputs. All channels have passive mic split outs and four band dual swept mid eq. Mono channles have inserts and high pass filter. Multiple desks maybe linked through mix bus inputs and solo link system. The twelve mix buses may be individually linked to create six stereo buses - ideal for IEM applications. Desk occupies 10U with connections on rear.

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 16x2 - $100.00

• The Mix Wizard 16:2 is a 16 channel mixer with 16 balanced 1/4" TRS line and 16 XLR microphone inputs. Every input channel features a direct output via 1/4" phone connectors. Direct outputs are ideal for feeding channel signal to separate monitor mixers. Six Aux sends and a pair of dedicated stereo inputs are provided. The master output section includes dual XLR L/R stereo and single XLR mono connectors. In addition, an alternate stereo output is provided via 1/4" TRS connections. The mixer features a high quality internal effects processor engine that provides quality reverbs and delay effects.

Allen & Heath GL2S 6x6x4x2 - $ 75.00

• Allen & Heath's GL2 is a 14-channel, four-subgroup, rack-mount live mixing console that can function as a front-of-house, monitor and multitrack-recording mixer. The GL2 offers balanced XLR inputs and outputs as well as four auxiliary returns. The well-featured input strip includes phantom power, four-band EQ with two sweepable mids and EQ I/O switch, as well as six auxiliary sends with pre/post switching. Perfect for touring, studio and installation applications, the board's compact design allows it to be conveniently housed either horizontally or vertically in a standard equipment rack. Providing even more flexibility, the GL2 can be expanded with an optional SYS-LINKTM module. The system allows two or more boards to be linked together with a connection at bus level. In addition to SYS-LINK, an optional connector panel will allow other manufacturers' consoles to be bussed into the GL2, including auxiliaries and subgroups.

Mackie 1402 6x4x2 - $ 40.00

• The Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro offers 6 mic input channels, with insert points, plus 4 channels of stereo line-level input, the sweet Mackie 3-band EQ, 60MM faders (the same smooth, accurate faders as on the 4-bus SR series), 2 effects sends, 2 effects returns, channel solo and mute/alt 3-4 buttons, control room outs, phantom power for high quality condenser mics, and more. The 1402-VLZ Pro delivers phenomenal Mackie sound quality in a convenient package that can be used in tons of applications.

Shure M267 4x1 - $ 25.00

• The most popular field production mixer ever. The industry standard M267 is specifically designed for professional applications. The excellent performance, versatility and features of this complete, compact console make it an ideal choice for studio, remote or sound reinforcement use and as an add-on mixer for expanding existing facilities. It is also ideally suited for use with audio and video tape recorders to provide multiple microphone inputs. Features include: a switchable limiter, phantom power, LED peak indicator, built-in battery pack, headphones jack and level control, battery check function, tone oscillator, mic/line switches on each input and output, low-cut switches, mix bus jack and VU meter. Four XLR transformer-balanced inputs; one XLR output and a binding post output; battery (three standard 9-volt, alkaline recommended) or 120/240 Vac power. Rack mountable with A268R.

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